Sunday, June 27, 2010


Hello, my name is Joseph Michael Langston. I honestly do not have reading habits, unless it is something I have seen in the movies; or talked highly about. My viewing habits are extremely opposite. I get to a movie every chance I get! There is a certain group of friends that I have for movie viewing purposes only.

My hobbies are many. I love to write poetry, which is the way I express things I am not able to say verbally. This has led to me writing song lyrics. I play piano and produce hip-hop/R&B music. Currently the Air Force has certain standards to abide by, so I workout religiously. It is something I do enjoy-especially now that it is summer. Drawing is a passion as well and anything my eye sees is drawn perfect on paper by myself. Before music, my first love was and still is basketball (I played in college down south). When I do have free time, I am either relaxing, composing a song, or watching a movie.

I definitely love to watch non-fictional films or read those types of books. Any adventure, suspenseful type movie is appealing to me. The best movie I have watched this year was Avatar. The movie to me was epic. I loved to storyline, the graphics and the way the movie presented a getaway place. Everything about it was top notch, from the computer graphics, to the acting to the storyline. The initiation process that took place before the culture could trust and accept the outsider in goes on even today among cultural groups. The same initiation does not happen, but even a form of testing before being accepted does.

Saturday, June 26, 2010


I remember the birds singing early in the morning, where our alarm clocks were the voices of roosters. Waking up with the sun, the grass is filled with moist of the cool night, just before the night falls stars used to gather in the sky. as i lay down in my back yard i feel like the stars are talking to me. i remember we wasn't rich but surely i was happy. I remember having a lot of friends which I played the most "boring" games with,but at that time, it was one of the best games. I remember the old buildings and dirt roads which I used pass by to go to my school, so one day i can understand English.This is the memory of my small village, which I also call it home, that i missed dearly.

My Introduction

Hello My name is Yusuf Mohamed. I was born in Kenya and come to America when i was 11yrs old. I speak 3 different languages which are Somali, swahili, and English, but i do speak a little bit of Arabic and Spanish. I am currently a junior doing International studies and Nursing. I like to play basketball and soccer on my free time and love to play video-games.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

at the german airport

Mariam Mohamud
When I was about eight years I moved to American from Africa. It was my mother and older brother and younger sister. I remember that day in the German airport; I was tired, scared and confused. My mom is holding me and my younger sister’s hands as we stroll through the airport. Here I am crying because I was in a place that was unfamiliar to me, I think just being out of my comfort zone was the thing that scared me the most. I remember my mother telling to stop crying and everything would be okay. As we waited for our luggage I stopped crying. For the next fifteen minutes my siblings and sat around and talked.



The evening was late, as I lie in bed listening to my brother's crazy idea to sneak out the window, while our parents were sleep. We were both tired of this room. Before, thinking of consequences, I found myself climbing back into the window and into the same room. My body was half in bed, while feet still touched the floor- the light turned on and I froze trying to play "sleep"! Both parents were telling me to stand with them and that I was in trouble. They shut the light off again as we all waited outside the room, starring at the still open window for what seemed to be an hour. The toilet flushed and after a moment passed, I was in awe to see my brother now in pajamas. I thought he was Houdini. I remember hearing no door open or shut. Standing at the bottom of the steps, he grinned and asked, "What’s going on?" My parents replied, "Don't even try it we searched the whole house and no one was in here -come get that spanking and you can go back to your room!" After wiping tears and crawling back into bed, we could hear our parents debating about hearing God tell them when kids do something wrong.

The Memory

Jason Bires
Intro to Fiction
One Memory/ 06-23-2010

One Memory
On that hot summer afternoon, when I walked out of the jewelry store, I had a decision to make. My heart was racing, I was full of adrenaline, and my thoughts were swirling around my mind with the speed of lightning. Then it clicked; the decision was made
I made the call, the reservations were set, and the day seemed perfect. The only worry now was whether she would say yes. My mind was racing once again as I told her to be ready at 6:30. As I picked her up, I wondered if she knew? We arrived at the restaurant a few minutes early, and were seated immediately.
The staff knew the occasion, as I had told the receptionist when I made the reservations. The dimly lit restaurant was the perfect setting for the occasion, as we enjoyed each other’s company. Then, by fate, the song “ It had to be you” started playing, and I knew it was the time. I looked at her, she happened to glance at me, and with one bold move I asked, “ Would you?”

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Never Bite Off More Than You Can Chew

As the assistant girls prefect in Trinity Prep and Junior Secondary School, I had established a solid relationship with the student and faculty and I made sure to take my studies serious and stay out of trouble. I got along with everyone in school and made sure new student felt comfortable. It was my senior year in junior high and I was happy with great friends and no trouble. Then one day, a girl enrolled in the school, her name was Bernice and as the assistant girls prefect i found it dutiful to make Bernice comfortable but right off the start I found that Bernice and her small group of friends didn't really like me. By the way Bernice was two grades below me and very snobbish. Most of my classmates didn't like her very much and I didn't really pay attention to why.
One day i was called to the office and the staff started inquire about my knowledge of a guy classmate of mine and the fact that a girl had written a letter to me threatening me to stay away from her boyfriend. Once this accusation was said I denied it and the fact that i had never received the letter. As soon as I denied this, the faculty believed me and new i was never one to make trouble. I found out later that the letter was put in my desk by Bernice and her friends had tipped a teacher off on the whereabouts of such letter. Bernice and her friends were suspended after this incident and i later found out that she'd transferred to another school.


My left hand tightly clutched my mother's shirt tail. Reaching slowly, shaking, I gently bent back the pine bristles from the branch of the enormous evergreen with my other hand. I peeked through the darkness and squinted to focus.
"I lost my shoe, Mom."
She glanced down hurriedly and acknowledged what would normally be a bigger issue. Her eyes quickly returned to the street. We stood in the deep, wet mud in the neighbor's yard across from our house, hiding- hoping that the familiar sound of my step-father's car wouldn't rumble up and expose our hideout with the headlights.
"What happened Mom?" I whispered.
"We're going to Grandma's. It's okay. Everything is..." She abruptly stopped as headlights poured around the corner. "Hold still."

Chuck screamed into our driveway, just about 60 yards from where we were huddling. His car door slammed and he strode into the house. I understood then that he expected that we would be inside, and that he was VERY angry. When he found that we weren't there, he was going to be enraged.

As quickly as he came, he disappeared into the night. Probably searching. He never found us and I never saw him again.

That pine tree must've saved us.

Go Ahead!

Standing in line hasn't always been something I was too fond of. Knowing it was almost my turn gave me butterflies in my stomach like you couldn't even imagine. So many emotions were racing through my head, I was nervous, afraid, anxious, and shy. Looking around seeing candles lit, emotions running, and cameras flashing intensified the scenery.

As I was standing there, waiting, things suddenly became very quiet. No one made a noise. Then, suddenly, the music was cued and people had their full attention on the back of the room. Every moment passing by from this point on meant that the next group of people in front of my had already went!

Seconds have passed and it was almost my turn. My heart was beating like fishes gills beat when they are placed in a cup of cold water. Suddenly, my cousin in front of me went, which meant Josh and I were next to walk. Just seeing Tori walk with her escort down the isle made me forget everything we had practiced just last night. I forgot when we were to go, was I suppose to wait until the lady cued us or were we just suppose to know? These ten seconds truly were the longest ten seconds of my life. I can't even tell you the thousands of thoughts that went through my head. My head was spinning and heart was racing. I opened my eyes and finally, the lady said go ahead and smiled! We walked down with no problems occurring. As soon as we got to the end of the isle and split off I took the biggest breath I've ever taken and thought to myself:

"It was finally over and I can't even begin to imagine how I'm going to do at my own wedding, let alone being in my cousin's wedding."

The Bulletin Boards

Kathy Blakeslee
Writing Assignment 1

When I was in 4th grade, I had a teacher that I loved. Mr. DeVoss was young and handsome and caring. He was kind to me and helped me through a turbulent time at home.

I was often sick and was not allowed to participate in recess, so Mr. DeVoss allowed me to create and put together the bulletin boards in the classroom. He recognized my artistic talent and he allowed me an outlet for my emotions through the creation of those bulletin boards.

At the end of each grading period, Mr. DeVoss opened up the floor to feedback from the students. What did we like? What did we not like? One of the students, and somebody I considered a friend, stood up in front of the class and told Mr. DeVoss that she didn’t think it was fair that I got to do all the bulletin boards. Several people agreed with her. I was crushed and humiliated to have been called out in front of the classroom.

I walked home in tears that day.

Writing Exercise One

At the time, I arrived at my best friend’s Eric’s house. Nor he or his parents knew I was coming over. But all I cared about was why, I knew why I arrived. An argument arose between my parents and I over a grade I received in grade school. I decided to run away to my friends house knowing the consequences of leaving somewhere and not telling them, but at the time I did not care. I remember sitting in his living room with a book bag, in it was my football bank and a blanket off my own bed. And in overhearing the conversation of his mother calling my house and telling my parents that I was safe and there was nothing to worry about, they would drive me home right away. All I could think about was the one question I hated the most from them, “Tell us what you think your punishment should be?”
Joe Barney
Introduction to Fiction
Memory as Story, June 24, 2010

When I was about four years old my sister and I were playing a game on a swing set in our backyard. We called the game “circus,” she was the conductor and I was the performer, she liked this game because she got to tell me what to do. She came up with different tricks for me to carryout for our audience of none. One of the tricks that I would do was slide lightning fast down the slide, which we now referred to as the super slide.
Eventually we got tired of the easy tricks and my sister created a new trick for me, which was to climb from the top of the swing set down the chains of the swings onto the ground. I told her that I didn’t know how to do this and so she decided to show me how it was done. Not even halfway down she became stuck and was handing from the platform eight feet in the air. She cried out “I need help!” so I slid down the super slide as fast as I could and ran beneath her. I said “ok, let go I will catch you,” She cried out again, “no! Go get mom!” I reassured her that I was strong, but she insisted that mom be her rescuer, so I ran up to the house to fetch her.

Writing Exercise One (Mary)

One memory that stands out the most to me is when my family and I came to the United States. It was bizarre because I had lived there my whole life. I had my friends, family, and the ideal childhood that I thought I was going to end there to start my teenage years. It was right after sixth grade that my parents decided to move here. I was going to middle school which back home starts in 7th grade. Through the sadness and confused feelings, I was also excited to see this new country and place that my family and I were moving to. We spent that whole summer arranging things to move here. My dad even got a moving company to take some of our stuff to the United States, which they told us would take 6-8 weeks. When we finally left and came here, our stuff had not arrived. My older brother had rented an apartment for us in the meantime and bought food for us but we had no couches, or TV's, or anything except our clothes, the food, and the apartment. We had to borrow things from other people while out stuff got here. Finally after two weeks of being here, our stuff came; the beds, furniture, and all the things we had been waiting for. So we were really happy. One of the things of that memory that I won't forget is how sad it was to leave and the hardships we went through, but the excitement I had to live a new life. I also won't forget the first time I ever saw snow that winter.

what is that noise? assignment 1

What Is That Noise?
I sat there all six senses raging all at once. The summer air was muggy and thick, which made it even harder to breathe after my death run to my hiding spot. The smell of gasoline filled the hot air in the shed. As I try to move in a more comfortable position, because I knew I’d be waiting awhile, I made sure ever muscle I moved was smooth and stealth.
Finally, I had reached equilibrium with my location and my body. As I sit waiting, I hear this scratching noise coming from the box directly next to my face. For some reason I had kept the lighter from the tiki torches, which I had helped my mom light, and used it to illuminate the shed and allow me to locate the source of the noise. After a couple of flicks, FIRE, my face had a short lived smile after seeing the source, a spider.
This was no ordinary spider, this spider was different. This spider was different because it was a couple inches from my face. In immediate reaction to this monster with eight legs rearing in on me, I frantically threw my body in an almost seizure like response, tossing the cares of being found out the window. I must have jumped ten feet into the air and leaped another thirty out the shed. I found out what was making the noise.


In a huge house with many children it's only obvious we had to create our own entertainment. I would sit on the staircase many winter days and stare straight down to a long fall to the first floor.

As I did this, my two older brothers would attack from behind. As for jokes, they used to dangle me from my hips over the high balcony for they knew my fear of heights. I would laugh until I cried only because that was my response to being scared and nervous, I don't think they realized that.

After about 30 seconds which felt like 10 minutes I would be back on my feet. I knew they would never drop me, but the suspense killed me every time. I landed safely back on the floor and for the next couple of days my brothers knew they were in some long hours full of the silent treatment and mean stares.

Monday, June 21, 2010


My name is Esther Appiah. My hobbies are reading-i have about 3000 story books, watching movies; mostly action movies, skateboarding, drawing, painting, writing poetry, dancing, guitar playing, cooking fashion designing, and sewing.
The types of stories that appeal to me most will have to be Romance, Mystery, and Action. Movies that appeal to me are Action, fantasy, Japanese Anime, and Comedy. During this past year the best Movies I have seen will have to be Avatar, The Karate Kid and New Moon. The best book will be the Vampire and the Virgin by Kerrelyn Sparks. What made this book so good was the action, romance and mystery incorporated into the story and also how the story draws you in to understand and try to feel what the characters feel.

Mike's introduction

In my free time I really enjoy riding motorcycles. It's kind of my way of getting away from all the sitting and reading and writing that I do in my job, and which I enjoy, but which can lead to cabin fever! I have a dirt bike, which is an 87 Honda CR500, a dual purpose Suzuki DR650, and an old shovelhead Harley 79 Superglide FXE that I've had for over 20 years. I try to ride almost every day in the good seasons so you'll see me on these bikes this summer coming to work.

The last great book I read was The Story of Edgar Sawtelle. It's a long novel about a boy who can communicate with dogs on a high level. I love dogs and it was a moving book.

Nice to meet you all!

Mike Lohre

1st Blog Assignment

Hello everyone my name is Joe and I am 25 years old. I have been back in school for about one year now and most of my reading has been school related. I have found myself becoming increasingly busy with life and thus I have also viewed very little film. In the past I have read a variety of mystery , action, and suspense books and have also enjoyed a wide variety of movies.

In my free time I enjoy riding my motorcycle, working out, playing golf and visiting with family. I am engaged to the woman of my dreams and will be getting married on Aug 7th, thus much of my time is spent on wedding preparations.

The stories and movies that appeal to me most are based on action and suspense, although I enjoy reading and viewing almost any genre of story. Sadly I cannot say that I have read a book in the past year that was for entertainment purposes but one of my favorite books is tittles The Last of the Breed by Louis L'Amour. This book was packed full of action and adventure and carried suspense from cover to cover. It was a well told tail of survival and determination with descriptive words that truly painted pictures.

First Assigment

My name is Mary and I like to read and watch movies, although I dont read much. My main hobbies is playing volleyball, hang out with friends, and I love to run. On my free time, I like to see my friends as much as possible and I go out, whether it is to the movies, eat, or just hang out. I also try to spend more time with my family during the summer. The stories and movies that appeal to me the most is comedy, action, and horror. Since most of the books I have read this past year have been for classes, there's not really a book that has been the best for me. The movie that I have liked the most this past year is by far Toy Story 3 as silly as that may sound, but I love animated movies. What I feel made it a good movie were the effects behind it, the comedy and action, and the fact that it brought me back to when I was little.

Intro to me

Hello. My name is Brian Humphries. I am 36, married, and have a 2 1/2 year old son. I am a junior @ OSU and am a Environmental Policy and Management major.

1) I enjoy playing with my son, and writing and recording music. I am a recording engineer and currently am working towards finishing recording an album project with my wife who is also a singer/songwriter. I love hockey and am a big fan of the Columbus Blue Jackets (ouch). In my spare time I also enjoy doing house projects to maintain our home.

2) I like stories that have strong characters that make you think outside your own world. This obviously can be possible with most genres of film and stories, but I tend to prefer fantasy, drama, and comedy for movies. I can get into most books if they grab me/transport me.

Probably the best movie I've seen in the last while was The Fountain. It might have been the strangest film I've seen and it didn't really have a standard resolution or plot path. Honestly, I still don't understand all of the images and story, and that maybe is what makes it so intriguing to me. The story is tragic and deals heavily with life, death and spirituality and symbolism. My wife and I have a "Tree of Life" by Klimt hanging in our living room because of it. That sounds weird, I know!
I'm embarrassed to admit that haven't read much fiction in a long while.


In my free time i enjoy fishing, golf, and softball. the stories and movies that appeal to me the most are action. The best movie i have seen this yeah would probably have to be Sherlock Holmes. Its was cool to see how things worked out and trying to follow the twists that the movie took.

my first blog posting

hi everyone my name is mariam. I only read four to six books
a year not including the ones i do for school realted stuff. im always on Eonline reading about celebrity gossip , i also get on CNN on my phone. i would say is a part of my daily routine thats all the reading i do in my daily life. most of my time is consumed by school and work but when i am free i like haning with my family and friends.
the stories that appeal to me are the ones about romance , i loved nights in rodanthe by Nicholas Sparks , by the end of the book i was crying and what made it so good was at the end of the day you can still pick yourself up when life knocks you down , and when you think you will never find love again you do.


My name is Jason Bires. Reading is generally not my entertainment throughout the day, but I do read the news nightly, in part because I do not have a TV! Staying current definitely takes work in other areas. My hobbies are very much sports related. I play just about any sport, but spend a lot of time in the gym when I am not at work as a CPhT, or at school, or doing schoolwork, and or cooking.
I am nowhere near a movie buff. I do not watch many movies, and the last movie I saw was Valentine's Day ( the Wife dragged me into it) but overally it was great movie. I maybe go to a theatre three times a year, and that's maybe. In the past year, the best movie I have seen was "Green Zone". Those generally are the types of movies that I prefer, while my reading is limited to biographies and true stories; things that are going to expand my knowledge of the world in any way, shape or form. That's about it! Thanks.


My name is Nick Calfe, this is the end of my freshman year at OSU, some things I like to do in my free time include: hanging out with friends, traveling, going out to eat, fixing up cars. Right now my reading habits aren't very good, I read if I have to. I really like anything that has to do with water, like skiing and knee boarding.I do read the news paper every once in awhile, but i don't really count that. The type of movies that I like the most are action and murder mysteries. The best book I have read in the past year would be Gang Leader for a Day. I liked the fact that it was a real story, and someone actually experienced what happened in the book.

First Assignment

My name is Shinal Patel. I'm a Sophomore here at Ohio State and my major right now is Pharmaceautical Sciences.
I like to read fiction books in particular, but prefer to write.
My main hobbies include running and hanging out with friends. In my free time I spend alot of time with my friends or I work at Forever 21 at Tuttle Mall as a Sales Associate.
The stories I prefer to read are suspense because they make me want to keep reading. The best book I have read in the past year has been The Lovely Bones, the book did such a great job at creating suspense and it was action packed. The movie recently came out, but I thought it was not at all as great as the book so I would definitely recommend reading it instead!

First Assignment

My name is Katelynn Butcher and I am a Sophmore. I am attending The Ohio State University, main campus in the fall and majoring in Athletic Training, to later lead to Physical Therapy School.

To be honest, I read very little only because I am so particular about what I read. If I'm reading you will usually catch me reading a book based on a true story, those interest me the most. Although I love reading true stories, I also love some fictional writings as well. I watch a lot more movies than I do reading, but I would like to change that! Hopefully by taking this class it will open me up to different authors and their books!

1) I have many hobbies outside of school!
-My friend Michelle is going to school for photography, so she takes a lot of different pictures of me for her portfolio. I enjoy this a lot, we go to so many different places to get different backgrounds and environments.
-I also like to run. Running and working out has always been a passion of mine.
-Football has always been a huge part of my life as well. I was a cheerleader in high school and since I did not continue my career in cheerleading in college I purchase the season tickets for Ohio State Football every year. I hope to one day go to a Pittsburgh Steelers game!
-Also, like most people, I love spending time with my family. I try to hang out and support my little brother and sister as much as possible. Encouragement is a huge thing for children to experience at such young ages. It's amazing to see how much kids grow in such little time, it's something you really don't realize when you are that age. Every moment you spend with them is so very special just because anything could happen at any time, so I really do try to take in all the moments and take lots of pictures!

2) I absolutely love the Twilight and Harry Potter series! I'm a nerd and like most people in this generation. The books are almost better but I can't emphasize enough how much I love when they make such great books into movies. I also enjoy the non-fictional movies as well. I love war movies for some reason. They interest me so much. My favorite would have to be Pearl Harbor.
-The best book that I have read in this past year is Lovely Bones. I really did enjoy that read a lot. I also read a book that I read when I was little and still enjoyed it, called A Child called "it."
-I think what made it so good was that they were both based off a true story and I really enjoy to learn about other peoples lives through story and books.

Blog 1

I am the mother of two teens, so much of my time is spent dispensing money and rides. I read voraciously, I sew and I garden. In my spare time, I read.

I like romantic comedies and science fiction movies. This year, the best book I have read is The Memory Keeper's Daughter. The story was beautifully told, and evoked strong emotions. My favorite book of all time is Gone With the Wind.

The best movie I have seen recently is "The Blind Side".

Our blog for Intro to Fiction; your first assignment

Hello students, and welcome to our blog for English 261. We will use this to share ideas, get to know each other, and discuss readings and films that we see in class.

For today, please introduce yourself and tell us a little about your reading and viewing habits.

1) What are your main hobbies, or what do you do with your free time?

2) What types of stories or movies appeal to you the most? What's the best book or movie that you have read during this past year? What made it so good?

Please answer these two questions and post them to the blog by making a New Post.

Once you have posted, then you can write Comments on other posts you see on the blog.

Assignment: Write one original post (where you answer the questions) and then post two Comments to other writers. You can simply say Hello or make a short response to what the person wrote. We do this as a way to start getting to know each other.