Sunday, July 11, 2010


When I was in grade school my family would plan to go on vacation once a year. We usually went in the summer after school let out. The place we usually went summer was Top Sail Island in North Carolina. The Villa Capriani was the name of the resort we liked the most. My favorite part was a 24 hour bar that served the best pizza I have ever had. It smelled like a bakery once you walked in and on the walls were all sorts of family pictures, like what you would see at the restaurant Buca Di Beppo. They used fresh basil, you could tell because of the taste, and nothing in Delaware compares. I never thought such good food would come from a 24 hour bar.
When you walked out the back patio you could see the thee light blue pools, and feel the ocean breeze on your face. Our balcony overlooked the baby pool where you could always hear kids splashing and crying. This got annoying fast, so we didn’t spend much time out there. A pier about the length of a football field went out into the ocean which you could fish off of. At the time no one told us you couldn’t eat the fish. Good thing they saw us walking off the pier with the cooler and stopped us. The guy said they weren’t fit to eat. Who would have thought something out of the ocean wasn’t fit to eat? We got back to the room empty handed with our cooler smelling like fish. No one wanted to put any food in it because it would stink up anything we had in there. We ended up throwing it away before the drive back to Ohio in fear of smelling up the car.


  1. I lived on Topsail Island for about six months. It is so beautiful!