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Peer Review 02

She had a post on Design and Accessibility...it was incredibly long!! But I was most entertained by the video links that she posted! No idea how she pulls it out of her and no idea where she finds this stuff. This girl makes blogging look simplistic and is a natural in the realm of design. Glad she was in my group-posts like this one definitly challege me to think about what type of design I am really trying to major in.

J09 Project Documentation con't

The Coleman for the Home project was a great way to wrap up the quarter and apply a little bit of all of the design fields to one assignment. I really enjoyed working with my group because we were all able to use our separate strengths on different parts of the assignment and we all worked together and got along very well. As a team, we chose to create the "HoTTop" by Coleman. This product is a portable, durable, space saving cooktop that also works to incorporate other products that Coleman already manufactures such as the Thermoelectric Refrigerator. We were all able to come to the conclusion that this is the product that we wanted to create and present very quickly. We all threw our ideas together and used each of our in class work days to build up or product and finish our project to make it the best that we could. I would have to say that we were all very organized and efficient in getting our work done and sent to one another to incorporate in our separate parts.

Online Scavenger Hunt

-Links to the websites of 5 manufacturers or retails who specialize in outdoor camping and recreation products:

Coleman: http://www.coleman.com/
Eureka!: http://www.eurekatent.com/
Sierra Designs: http://www.sierradesigns.com/
Wenzel: http://www.wenzelstore.com/
REI: http://www.rei.com/

3 images of trade show / exhibition booths from the outdoor recreation and sporting industry:

-5 manufacturers or retailers who specialize in indoor home goods products
Crate & Barrel: http://www.crateandbarrel.com/
Home Goods: http://www.homegoods.com/index.asp
Pier 1 Imports: http://www.pier1.com/
Pottery Barn: http://www.potterybarn.com/
Williams-Sonoma: http://www.williams-sonoma.com/

-3 images of trade show / exhibition booths from the indoor home goods market.

Definition of Homegoods: A longlasting everyday usable product for home
3 images of different types of possible home goods.


Peer Dialog 03

S. Golnaz: I checked out her Letterform Seek and Find and I think she had some very interesting things that made letters such as the "Z" being stairs... The "X" being the base of a sign was cool. Even her letter "M" was creative and made me wanna go back and redo mine LOL

Miriah : Wow and just when I think Golnaz has the coolest I view Miriah's letter seek and find and wow the letter "P" amazing, door handle with keyhole for the letter "i" so creative and the "Q" and "Y" from the tree form.

Chris C: I like Chris's "ducktape letter O"

Seems like everyone had a lot of fun doing the project and finding letters...

J09 Project Documentation

Our project is called "the hot-top", the group th "2's" and I was in charge of free hand drawing a few of the designs. We all brainstormed on the initial look of this particular Coleman product. My personal challenge was trying to make what was discussed an actual seen product. After several drawings, I came up with this drawing. Even finding the places to put the on and off/temp gages...making it electric and gas operated was a visual challege as well. The design may change more as we meet together to discuss further ideas for the product.

Final Thoughts (J10)

Final Thoughts.....

Overall, I really enjoyed this quarter and feel like I grew as "designer". My goals towards what type of designer are definitly much clearer. The prof was fantastic very simplistic, down to earth, but also highly knowledgable and really made you want to take part in projects and learn more about what he was talking about. My favorite part was the video of the mash ups and copyright. The group that I was with was mixed with awesome people as well. I think this quarter was one of the best so far at Ohio State-this class had much to do with it. Usually, after class is dismissed everyone leaves right after...I found myself even stay after to discuss further thoughts about design and more with a fellow student and instructor. This class is definitly a must to take and I would recomend the instructor to everyone. Mr Gabe Tippery is great.

I look forward to more design classes to some.

Letterform Seek and Find...

The corner of a mirror made a "Y"...

The bricks made and "H" ...

The smoke detector's cords made an "S"....

The light switch made an "i"...

Chipotle lemon made a "D"...the way ir was cut...

A piece of art on the wall inside Chipotle made a "C"....

The Chipotle trays made an "X"...

Stepping stone looked like the letter "O"...

The top of a house upside-down made a "V"....

Trees made the letter "Q"...

The telephone poles made a lower case "t"...

A fense made an upper case "E"

Thursday, May 26, 2011