Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Final Thoughts (J10)

Final Thoughts.....

Overall, I really enjoyed this quarter and feel like I grew as "designer". My goals towards what type of designer are definitly much clearer. The prof was fantastic very simplistic, down to earth, but also highly knowledgable and really made you want to take part in projects and learn more about what he was talking about. My favorite part was the video of the mash ups and copyright. The group that I was with was mixed with awesome people as well. I think this quarter was one of the best so far at Ohio State-this class had much to do with it. Usually, after class is dismissed everyone leaves right after...I found myself even stay after to discuss further thoughts about design and more with a fellow student and instructor. This class is definitly a must to take and I would recomend the instructor to everyone. Mr Gabe Tippery is great.

I look forward to more design classes to some.

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