Tuesday, May 31, 2011

J09 Project Documentation con't

The Coleman for the Home project was a great way to wrap up the quarter and apply a little bit of all of the design fields to one assignment. I really enjoyed working with my group because we were all able to use our separate strengths on different parts of the assignment and we all worked together and got along very well. As a team, we chose to create the "HoTTop" by Coleman. This product is a portable, durable, space saving cooktop that also works to incorporate other products that Coleman already manufactures such as the Thermoelectric Refrigerator. We were all able to come to the conclusion that this is the product that we wanted to create and present very quickly. We all threw our ideas together and used each of our in class work days to build up or product and finish our project to make it the best that we could. I would have to say that we were all very organized and efficient in getting our work done and sent to one another to incorporate in our separate parts.

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