Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Letterform Seek and Find...

A display on Chipotle's wall -found a "C"

Chipotle's drink station had lemons - "D"

A fense by my place made an "E"

The brick on my place made an "H"

The light switch- "i"

Round decoration for grass... "O"

My favorite on tho- two different tree's branches made a "Q"...look close but you see it!

A smoke detector's wires made an "S"

Telephone pole made a lower case "t"

Top of a house flipped to make a "V"

The branches made a "W"

The food @ Chipotle made an "X"

A random cleavage made a fantastic "Y"

Monday, February 14, 2011

Journal time....

I do not think that copyright exactly protects a piece of work unless you have money to sue and even then not sure the person taking your work may even have money to give you if they are broke. The video watched was so interesting to me-especially since I do music. I have heard of many copyrights including "poor man's copyright", which no longer holds up in court. I never used to believe sampling someone else's music was even art. Further more, my mind was blown to see how this guy in the video mashed up various genre's and artists to make one new song. I know Kanye West was notorious for sampling and Diddy in hip hop music, but had no idea how many folks jacked unoriginal material from Muddy Waters. The video was a complete eye opener. I'm kind of torn about the whole situation. Artists have borrowed techniques from other artists for years...comlimented styles of painting or design. As long as it is great work, should there be an argument? I guess the reality is that someone must get paid for their great original idea. That idea becomes ones livelyhood and it is understandable to be upset if a fan tampers with that idea. Shouldn't they be also compensated for making it better or giving that original idea a "rebirth" ?? Kanye West takes old samples, such as Michael Jackson's hit "P.Y.T" and slows the song down-plucks a piece of the song, adds a beat and renames his version "Good Life." His version becomes a hit as well. No one got too hot under the collar, but he also probably had the money to remix the song without getting into trouble for it.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Course Review

I wasn't sure how I was going to feel about this course, but it has definitly grown on me. Every week i learn something new that broadens my understanding about "design" as a whole. I am even learning more about where things are located on campus. This is my first quarter and after we did the seek and find, took pictures in front of the building, posted them I saw more than three places to report to for class! This past week I was not able to make it to class due to an icy mess, but that was just out of my hands. I was majorly impressed with the wheelchair video we saw prior though. I do not understand how folks can come up with things like that. Technology is out of control! What one can do with it is nothing short of breathtaking at times.

50 things at a grocery experience.

50 things I experienced...

The other day I went to the grocery store and this was my fun experience at Walmart. I walked in and grabbed a cart -always needed (1). I went to the food section to grab some oj to keep Vit. C around (2). Next was hot dogs, bread, peanut butter, strawberry jam (3,4,5,6). I browsed by the bakery, because I am truely addicted to donuts like those who can't stop smoking! I bought a dozen (7-18). I am a kid at heart and so I bought a box of Caprisuns and a gallon of lemonade (19, 20). I dig cooking on the grill no matter if snow is on the ground or not. I bought a couple of steaks, A-1, linguine noodles and Italian dressing (20-24). I love chicken and waffles (not together) and bougt both (25,26). I am a movie buff, so I went to the electronics dept. of Wallyworld and picked up The Social Network movie (27). I then picked up extra drawing pencils and a scetch pad for when i never have free time due to college (28-31). I experienced a TV i cannot afford, but one day will and sampled some new music...actually bought the latest Michael Jackson CD (32,33). I waited in the most rediculous line so i took my self back to the electronics dept. and had them scan everything back there!! How clever of me.

I'm back for more this time at Giant Eagle because it is much closer to where I live. I needed hamburgers, buns, cheese, lettuce and tomatoe and Miracle Whip! Chips and dip! It is game time for the superbowl and I gotta eat! This was on my way back home from Air Force drill, I am ready to get in and out. Just my luck it is like a Christmas holiday and everyone is shopping like it is a Y2K...great. I forgot soda and went back for that ended up being there long enough to age grey. Does it count as an experience if I use my Giant Eagle card for gas?? It is after all connect to the grocery store experience and buying food gives you fuel !! Before I left the madness all together, I pumped 15 dollares worth of gas into my tank and went home to watch the game. Fun times.