Monday, February 14, 2011

Journal time....

I do not think that copyright exactly protects a piece of work unless you have money to sue and even then not sure the person taking your work may even have money to give you if they are broke. The video watched was so interesting to me-especially since I do music. I have heard of many copyrights including "poor man's copyright", which no longer holds up in court. I never used to believe sampling someone else's music was even art. Further more, my mind was blown to see how this guy in the video mashed up various genre's and artists to make one new song. I know Kanye West was notorious for sampling and Diddy in hip hop music, but had no idea how many folks jacked unoriginal material from Muddy Waters. The video was a complete eye opener. I'm kind of torn about the whole situation. Artists have borrowed techniques from other artists for years...comlimented styles of painting or design. As long as it is great work, should there be an argument? I guess the reality is that someone must get paid for their great original idea. That idea becomes ones livelyhood and it is understandable to be upset if a fan tampers with that idea. Shouldn't they be also compensated for making it better or giving that original idea a "rebirth" ?? Kanye West takes old samples, such as Michael Jackson's hit "P.Y.T" and slows the song down-plucks a piece of the song, adds a beat and renames his version "Good Life." His version becomes a hit as well. No one got too hot under the collar, but he also probably had the money to remix the song without getting into trouble for it.

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