Sunday, April 10, 2011

Assignments, Day03

DESIGNERS (who inspire)

No one really pays much attention while doing laundry how pleasant the box/gallon of Tide detergent looks while loading up clothes to clean. How about when you are looking to buy toothpaste in Wal-Mart-ever looked for that non-off brand labeled “Crest”? It just so happens a guy by the name of Donald Deskey created the bulls eye on Tide and the Crest toothpaste packaging! I have a tube of Crest right now in my bathroom. He also established his own graphics design firm, which is still in operation today in Cincinnati, Oh.

Another designer’s work was hailed as one of the most admired works in contemporary architecture. The Los Angeles native goes by the name of Frank Gehry. The work ever so admired is the Guggenheim Museum. This work of art is made of titanium and has random curves on the outside of the building to catch light. It is located in Spain. The type of style used in this building was known as deconstructive ( a manipulation of a structure’s surface or shape of its skin/outside). He also used the same style for a building completed this year in New York called Beekman Place. I believe this structure was also made of titanium. Gehry won the Canadian American Pritzker Prize for his accomplishments as an architect.

Beekman Place

Guggenheim Museum

The name about says it all for the last designer named Ferdinand Porsche. The first thing that comes to mind is extremely exotic cars. This automotive engineer defined filling a purpose/void when it came to style automotive wise. I even featured a Porsche in a video I shot, so I had to highlight this man’s career. Not only did he create the lovable Mercedes Benz, he also created the first ever hybrid (gasoline/electric) vehicle. Add to the list of cars his contribution to Germany’s tank designs and it is understood why he is in the International Motorsports hall of fame.

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