Friday, July 9, 2010

Carmel Apples

When walking into my special place as a child, I experienced many different senses going on that when I went to that place again, the senses would alter. Walking in you can touch the sleek glass that holds all the sweet goodies. You can hear happy instrumental music playing over the surround sound speakers throughout the room, people talking, "oh" and "awing," and the nice and polite workers greeting and taking care of customer s one at a time. Just the smell of the room could make anyone want to come and buy so much! I always swore as a little kid that you could smell what they were making fresh all across the top floor of the mall. My favorite smell is when they are baking up some fresh caramel apples. Every time I walk into this special place my senses go crazy making it very hard to a decision on what I exactly want. After purchasing my goodies I always always instantly pull out my caramel apple and eat that first! The taste of a fresh, crunchy, warm caramel apple made my day so much brighter as a kid. It's when I would finish all of my little candy treats that would make me become very impatient and irritable until I got the chance to go back to Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory again.

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