Friday, July 2, 2010



This movie is a classic due to the characters presented and the storyline. There is a mix of love and tyranny underlined by shady actions, until blurry irony is seen clear. You are not sure whos side to stand on at first and wanted to see Rick with his love, but the end is such a twist in so many different ways! I am so used to color movies with jaw dropping visual effects, that I would not have given this black and white film a chance. I actually would love to see a remake of it. The amount of black market taking place stood out to me. The most memorable characters were Rick and his secret lover Capt. Louis Renault. Rick was the over sarcastic protagonist. As the movie went on you kind of understood why. He never drank with anyone, because the last person he drank with was the girl who broke his heart (Ilsa). He never really let anyone close to him or see his vulnerable side, besides the piano player, because Ilsa was the last person who got close enough to burn him. I like the Capt. for sheer humor purposes. You want the good guys to win, but usually there is a casualty in the process-during a film. In Casablanca, all of the good guys, with the help of the Capt. won. He also stood out, due to promoting the protagonist so much; almost to the point of being obsessed with him.


  1. el= the.... although i'm not sure if the Captain and Rick were lovers.... unless your one sided and think that the Captain has a crush on Rick?! I mean after all, they are French.

  2. meaning the captain was French

  3. ha! that hit me from out of the blue. rick and louis were great characters but hardly lovers.

    josef, in my opinion, i don't think a remake could ever approach the original. too many movies now are ruined because there is too much technology and flash. black and white is fine when the writing is as good as it was in this movie. the dialogue and writing in this movie is so well done compared to most modern movies, and a great story to tell, to me, with fine acting, is all that makes any movie great!

  4. I really don't think they were lovers, i think their misunderstood affection was showing their awkward friendship and blind eyes towards each other

  5. Jocef, I was wondering if you interpreted the "start of a beautiful friendship" line as them being lovers.

    But yeah, I didn't see that at all.