Saturday, July 3, 2010


This film I believe was made classic due to its focus on the war and the believe that no matter the circumstance there were people fighting for a good cause. The conflicts, the mystery, the suspense and the small comedy added to the viewer being focused on the movie throughout. The conflict of the love triangle between Rick, Ilsa and Victor added to the mystery of the movie in that the viewer wasn't able to decipher Rick's action in whether Rick was going to betray Victor in the End. What stood out to me in the story was how Louis was trying to please his superiors and trying to help his friend Rick. The character that meant the most to me was Ilsa because you could see that her love for both men were genuine and even though a viewer wants to blame her for playing with both men, that viewer can't because all that conflict came about because Victor lied about his death even if to protect her.

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  1. Wasn't Ingrid Bergman perfect? The way she played her character's true love for both men is so hard to make sympathetic, but she accomplishes that. We can FEEL her conflict. If you're interested, her autobiography is a great read.