Friday, July 2, 2010


I feel that what makes Casablanca a classic film is its characters and environment. The music makes you feel like you are back in time and the way they interact with one another shows a different type of respect and approach. The drama that occurs throughout the film, especially with Ilsa and Rick, makes the movie more classic too; the way they act with each other and the fact that they are living a life behind everyone else's back. I feel like some over dramatization makes the film a classic too because even though today's films might be the same way, they are better at making things seem a little more real.

What stood out the most in this movie was the love between Ilsa and Rick, but the fact that they had to hide from everyone and yet they did not end up together. They went through so much and Rick still ended up giving her up to Mr. Laszlo when it was time to part. Another thing that stood out to me was Captain Renault's loyalty to Rick. Throughout the movie I thought that he was going to betray Rick but he stuck by his side all along.

The character that meant the most to me was Rick. He always had a serious face and made everyone seem that he only cared about himself, but his actions said otherwise. It seemed to me like he was the one that everyone went to and trusted. I think that his love for Ilsa made him who he really was deep inside, the one that no one could really see.

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  1. I liked Rick too and even though he didn't get Ilsa in the end, I believe that was a sacrifice he had to make to keep Ilsa safe and to keep hope(Victor) for the people alive.