Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Yusuf Mohamed


Most of us know it’s hard to find peace to your mind. But imagine a place where only “peace” exists, as you imagine your mind my take you to some fancy island or a paradise like place. For me though this place is a place where you’re all kinds of songs. Where the butterflies rum freely and breath with air. It’s a place where the sight of ants and their cooperation working as a group brings happiness to your mind. The smell of roses at this place put you automatically in a good mood. They sight of blue sky tells you to relax your brain. Little squirrels welcome to this place and wanting you to play along them and chase them. It’s a beautiful place where you see all kind of races, all kids, young, old, and all you can think of. Just like the butterflies, ants and squirrels enjoying the big field. It’s a place where I enjoyed the most when I was young. It’s not located in a rich neighborhood, but when your hear sounds, and joyfulness of kids, you feel rich inside. The sight of elderly walking around and making funny remarks about kids, makes you fell untouchable.
In spring the green grass begs you to sleep on them, and feel it. The tall trees with their shades makes want to hung them and touch them. It was a place to be. A place where my wonders are free to reach the sky. The small pond makes a sound, as if it wants you to come closer to the joy of this place.
I usually go close to the pond, and the sight of the fish tells me how eager they are to see me. This was my favorite play ground when I was young. It’s called Linden Park. Many say it’s located in a “ghetto” place but they didn’t hear the sounds, the smell, and the sight of this place deeply. Only few like me who understood this place will know. Everyone is welcome to Linden Park to feel the joy.

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