Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Bulletin Boards

Kathy Blakeslee
Writing Assignment 1

When I was in 4th grade, I had a teacher that I loved. Mr. DeVoss was young and handsome and caring. He was kind to me and helped me through a turbulent time at home.

I was often sick and was not allowed to participate in recess, so Mr. DeVoss allowed me to create and put together the bulletin boards in the classroom. He recognized my artistic talent and he allowed me an outlet for my emotions through the creation of those bulletin boards.

At the end of each grading period, Mr. DeVoss opened up the floor to feedback from the students. What did we like? What did we not like? One of the students, and somebody I considered a friend, stood up in front of the class and told Mr. DeVoss that she didn’t think it was fair that I got to do all the bulletin boards. Several people agreed with her. I was crushed and humiliated to have been called out in front of the classroom.

I walked home in tears that day.


  1. That bites.... we always fought over who got to wipe down the chalkboard at the end of the day, because we had to use a sponge, and water!

  2. You reminded me of all the artistic bulletin boards from all my elementary school days. Cute story!

  3. That was really bad for the other students to treat you like that, i guess as kids each of us wanted an outlet and I'm glad you got one even if not for long.

  4. As a postscript you should know that the girl who was so mean to me is still a very good friend.