Monday, June 21, 2010

Intro to me

Hello. My name is Brian Humphries. I am 36, married, and have a 2 1/2 year old son. I am a junior @ OSU and am a Environmental Policy and Management major.

1) I enjoy playing with my son, and writing and recording music. I am a recording engineer and currently am working towards finishing recording an album project with my wife who is also a singer/songwriter. I love hockey and am a big fan of the Columbus Blue Jackets (ouch). In my spare time I also enjoy doing house projects to maintain our home.

2) I like stories that have strong characters that make you think outside your own world. This obviously can be possible with most genres of film and stories, but I tend to prefer fantasy, drama, and comedy for movies. I can get into most books if they grab me/transport me.

Probably the best movie I've seen in the last while was The Fountain. It might have been the strangest film I've seen and it didn't really have a standard resolution or plot path. Honestly, I still don't understand all of the images and story, and that maybe is what makes it so intriguing to me. The story is tragic and deals heavily with life, death and spirituality and symbolism. My wife and I have a "Tree of Life" by Klimt hanging in our living room because of it. That sounds weird, I know!
I'm embarrassed to admit that haven't read much fiction in a long while.

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  1. That's deep man- I dig the "tree of life" thing.