Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Writing Exercise One (Mary)

One memory that stands out the most to me is when my family and I came to the United States. It was bizarre because I had lived there my whole life. I had my friends, family, and the ideal childhood that I thought I was going to end there to start my teenage years. It was right after sixth grade that my parents decided to move here. I was going to middle school which back home starts in 7th grade. Through the sadness and confused feelings, I was also excited to see this new country and place that my family and I were moving to. We spent that whole summer arranging things to move here. My dad even got a moving company to take some of our stuff to the United States, which they told us would take 6-8 weeks. When we finally left and came here, our stuff had not arrived. My older brother had rented an apartment for us in the meantime and bought food for us but we had no couches, or TV's, or anything except our clothes, the food, and the apartment. We had to borrow things from other people while out stuff got here. Finally after two weeks of being here, our stuff came; the beds, furniture, and all the things we had been waiting for. So we were really happy. One of the things of that memory that I won't forget is how sad it was to leave and the hardships we went through, but the excitement I had to live a new life. I also won't forget the first time I ever saw snow that winter.


  1. Wow ...hard times shape beautiful people in the end though!

  2. snow isn't all its cracked up to be! great story, and I think its awesome that your brother took on the role of caring for you guys. Its all about family.

  3. For my 11th birthday my dad and I went to Colorado to visit my uncle who lived way up in the mountains. We put all of our things in a big storage box and shipped it out to him two weeks in advance, so we wouldnt have to pay extra for the extra bags on the plane. We arrived and our box of clothes and tents and all the stuff we needed hadn't shown up yet. All we had was an extra set of clothes on out carry on bag.