Monday, June 21, 2010

First Assigment

My name is Mary and I like to read and watch movies, although I dont read much. My main hobbies is playing volleyball, hang out with friends, and I love to run. On my free time, I like to see my friends as much as possible and I go out, whether it is to the movies, eat, or just hang out. I also try to spend more time with my family during the summer. The stories and movies that appeal to me the most is comedy, action, and horror. Since most of the books I have read this past year have been for classes, there's not really a book that has been the best for me. The movie that I have liked the most this past year is by far Toy Story 3 as silly as that may sound, but I love animated movies. What I feel made it a good movie were the effects behind it, the comedy and action, and the fact that it brought me back to when I was little.


  1. I COMPLETELY agree with you! I loved Toy Story and animated movies! They are so great! I enjoyed watching it in 3-D! It's amazing how a movie can affect you, even when it is animated! I saw so many people in theatres tear up at least twice in that movie!

  2. You said that you love to run, have you done any competitve running?