Monday, June 21, 2010


My name is Jason Bires. Reading is generally not my entertainment throughout the day, but I do read the news nightly, in part because I do not have a TV! Staying current definitely takes work in other areas. My hobbies are very much sports related. I play just about any sport, but spend a lot of time in the gym when I am not at work as a CPhT, or at school, or doing schoolwork, and or cooking.
I am nowhere near a movie buff. I do not watch many movies, and the last movie I saw was Valentine's Day ( the Wife dragged me into it) but overally it was great movie. I maybe go to a theatre three times a year, and that's maybe. In the past year, the best movie I have seen was "Green Zone". Those generally are the types of movies that I prefer, while my reading is limited to biographies and true stories; things that are going to expand my knowledge of the world in any way, shape or form. That's about it! Thanks.


  1. I want to see Green Zone. I did see The Hurt Locker and was left with a lot of conflicting emoitions. But I'm glad I saw it. Welcome to class!

  2. The closest I got to that movie was the Grammy's I think, when my mother-in-law forced me to watch it!

  3. I thought The Hurt Locker was an incredible movie too. I loved the documentary style, which really showed the grittiness of this war.

  4. This might be a dubm question but what is a CPhT?