Wednesday, June 23, 2010


In a huge house with many children it's only obvious we had to create our own entertainment. I would sit on the staircase many winter days and stare straight down to a long fall to the first floor.

As I did this, my two older brothers would attack from behind. As for jokes, they used to dangle me from my hips over the high balcony for they knew my fear of heights. I would laugh until I cried only because that was my response to being scared and nervous, I don't think they realized that.

After about 30 seconds which felt like 10 minutes I would be back on my feet. I knew they would never drop me, but the suspense killed me every time. I landed safely back on the floor and for the next couple of days my brothers knew they were in some long hours full of the silent treatment and mean stares.


  1. In the winter my younger brother would get in a sleeping bag and push himself off the top step and slide down, until one of my parents would tell him to stop befoe he hurt himself.

  2. My brothers always used to mess with me because they know Im scared of heights too