Monday, June 21, 2010

my first blog posting

hi everyone my name is mariam. I only read four to six books
a year not including the ones i do for school realted stuff. im always on Eonline reading about celebrity gossip , i also get on CNN on my phone. i would say is a part of my daily routine thats all the reading i do in my daily life. most of my time is consumed by school and work but when i am free i like haning with my family and friends.
the stories that appeal to me are the ones about romance , i loved nights in rodanthe by Nicholas Sparks , by the end of the book i was crying and what made it so good was at the end of the day you can still pick yourself up when life knocks you down , and when you think you will never find love again you do.

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  1. Hi Mariam! I agree that those types of stories that encourage us and make us see the power of love are so important. Thanks for sharing your insights!