Sunday, June 27, 2010


Hello, my name is Joseph Michael Langston. I honestly do not have reading habits, unless it is something I have seen in the movies; or talked highly about. My viewing habits are extremely opposite. I get to a movie every chance I get! There is a certain group of friends that I have for movie viewing purposes only.

My hobbies are many. I love to write poetry, which is the way I express things I am not able to say verbally. This has led to me writing song lyrics. I play piano and produce hip-hop/R&B music. Currently the Air Force has certain standards to abide by, so I workout religiously. It is something I do enjoy-especially now that it is summer. Drawing is a passion as well and anything my eye sees is drawn perfect on paper by myself. Before music, my first love was and still is basketball (I played in college down south). When I do have free time, I am either relaxing, composing a song, or watching a movie.

I definitely love to watch non-fictional films or read those types of books. Any adventure, suspenseful type movie is appealing to me. The best movie I have watched this year was Avatar. The movie to me was epic. I loved to storyline, the graphics and the way the movie presented a getaway place. Everything about it was top notch, from the computer graphics, to the acting to the storyline. The initiation process that took place before the culture could trust and accept the outsider in goes on even today among cultural groups. The same initiation does not happen, but even a form of testing before being accepted does.

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