Wednesday, June 23, 2010

what is that noise? assignment 1

What Is That Noise?
I sat there all six senses raging all at once. The summer air was muggy and thick, which made it even harder to breathe after my death run to my hiding spot. The smell of gasoline filled the hot air in the shed. As I try to move in a more comfortable position, because I knew I’d be waiting awhile, I made sure ever muscle I moved was smooth and stealth.
Finally, I had reached equilibrium with my location and my body. As I sit waiting, I hear this scratching noise coming from the box directly next to my face. For some reason I had kept the lighter from the tiki torches, which I had helped my mom light, and used it to illuminate the shed and allow me to locate the source of the noise. After a couple of flicks, FIRE, my face had a short lived smile after seeing the source, a spider.
This was no ordinary spider, this spider was different. This spider was different because it was a couple inches from my face. In immediate reaction to this monster with eight legs rearing in on me, I frantically threw my body in an almost seizure like response, tossing the cares of being found out the window. I must have jumped ten feet into the air and leaped another thirty out the shed. I found out what was making the noise.