Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Memory

Jason Bires
Intro to Fiction
One Memory/ 06-23-2010

One Memory
On that hot summer afternoon, when I walked out of the jewelry store, I had a decision to make. My heart was racing, I was full of adrenaline, and my thoughts were swirling around my mind with the speed of lightning. Then it clicked; the decision was made
I made the call, the reservations were set, and the day seemed perfect. The only worry now was whether she would say yes. My mind was racing once again as I told her to be ready at 6:30. As I picked her up, I wondered if she knew? We arrived at the restaurant a few minutes early, and were seated immediately.
The staff knew the occasion, as I had told the receptionist when I made the reservations. The dimly lit restaurant was the perfect setting for the occasion, as we enjoyed each other’s company. Then, by fate, the song “ It had to be you” started playing, and I knew it was the time. I looked at her, she happened to glance at me, and with one bold move I asked, “ Would you?”


  1. Great scene! The song came on by chance? That's awesome!

  2. This is a really great story!

  3. Good timing! Good thing "apple bottom jeans" didn't start playing! You would've been stuck!